How It Works?

Golden Bridge clients are offered the best investment opportunities on the global property market - so how exactly do we choose the projects for our portfolio? It is a multi-step process that allows us to filter through large amounts of data in our search for the perfect deal.

How We Choose Our Projects

How we choose
Golden Bridge Investors

We Choose Our Partners Carefully

We are proud of our expansive international network of Golden Bridge partners that includes the best real estate brokers, developers, design bureaus and insurance companies across the globe. Yet we never substitute quantity for quality - every company we work with has undergone a rigorous due diligence procedure. We only work with fully transparent businesses that have a proven track record and impeccable legal status. 

We Use A Proprietary Scoring System

Golden Bridge team of investment analysts have developed a unique scoring system that allows us to provide a detailed assessment of every project that is included in our portfolio. It is a top-down analytical framework that allows us to find markets that show outstanding potential for growth, formulate the most effective strategy and finally choose the best properties to invest in. Our diverse team of professionals takes macroeconomic, financial and technical factors into account. We present our clients with detailed info on every project in our portfolio and are always happy to address any additional questions you may have.

We Aim To Beat The Market

Many investors associate real estate only with conservative strategies and relatively low yields. Golden Bridge challenges these assumptions by offering a "smart money" approach to property investing. We are not content with passive strategies that emulate average market results. Instead we are actively selecting deals that offer higher rates of return, including redevelopment projects and purchase of undervalued properties. Most of these opportunities have until recently been exclusively available to institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals - but with our crowdfunding platform, everyone can build a fortune by investing in real estate.

FAQ “Golden Bridge”


What is Golden Bridge?

Golden Bridge is a P2P lending platform with portfolio loans.

For now, only retail lenders can get an access to the platform and lend money to a number of borrowers, buying loan portfolio for any amount greater than 50 EUR.


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How I can sell portfolio?

Disclaimer: real estate investing is a high-risk financial venture that can lead to loss of invested capital